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Caprice Bourret
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Anna Kournikova

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Caprice Bourret was born on October 24, 1974, in Hacienda Heights, California. She moved to England and began modeling. Ever since Caprice arrived in England from the USA, she has taken the country by storm. This blonde bombshell was one of the most photographed and adored women in the country, with a steady following around the world.

Why we want her? We like her because she is a top bikini model and is venturing into a singing career and has a great following. We also like her easy going personality.

Personality- Caprice seems to be a very easy going lady. She is quoted as saying, "I just want to date someone who makes me happy. Things are simple, it is us human beings that make it difficult."

Talent- Caprice gets high marks for the talent of having natural that a talent? In this case it is. Caprice has been veturing into a singing career and we give her credit for trying.

Sexiness- Boom! that's the sound of a bombshell. Caprice is definately a bombshell of a blonde and strangely, she isn't well known in the United States. She's a major babe in England though.

Accomplishments- Hot bikini model that has been featured in hundreds of magazines and she recently released an record album in England.

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